Easy and fast fall fashion updates

A fox fur scarf that’s been dyed bright pink.

Reptile-inspired patterns for pants and jeans in fall colors.
Reptile-inspired patterns for pants and jeans in fall colors.

It’s October and I am just loving all the fall colors and transitional pieces that women in El Paso are wearing now in El Paso.

So many ladies around town, young and old, are enjoying the trends we’ve talked about in previous columns. They are embracing autumn 2012 with delight.

However, if you have been too busy to shop lately or if you have somehow found yourself in a fashion rut, never fear.

I’m here to tell you about a few quick and easy ways to update your style for this season.

Wear one of these key items and you’ll instantly tell the world you are fashion savvy, current and with-it.

Reptile pants or jeans

You got on the colored jeans bandwagon earlier this year – and you wonder what’s next.

Now it’s on to printed pants, including reptile-inspired patterns in fall-perfect earth colors.

A python print is a great way to go because it’s a subtle print. You’re out there but not in a screaming loud print.

Fur vest

The fur vest takes top billing this fall. It’s perfect for our Southwest falls and winters, not too hot and not too cold. Fur vests are available at all price points, and for dressing up and down. Nothing is more versatile or fashionable this year.

Brightly colored fur scarf

They’re doing amazing things with dyed fur these days. If a fur vest or jacket is not your thing, think about making a smaller statement.

You can pop your whole wardrobe with a bright orange or yellow or teal fur scarf. If you don’t add one other thing to your wardrobe this season, this one will do it!

Oodles of bracelets

Load up your arms with bracelets. Open any celebrity photo magazine and you’ll see bracelets and more bracelets.

We love the fabulous beaded 18-karat gold bracelets from Meredith Frederick. Sooo sophisticated.

It doesn’t take a whole wardrobe makeover to be in style and current this season.

Even just the right accessory or two can make a difference.

Add the perfect piece here and there and you’ve got the latest look!