headerAnimal prints have become a classic trend, which means they are always in style. However, in some seasons these prints mimicking the markings of wild animals are more popular than other seasons. This fall and winter, animal prints are super popular. 

Why do women like them so much? These fabrics have a strong graphic identity, and some women even say they feel empowered when they wear animal prints.  Grrrr…..Hear me roar!

Animal prints are also so easy to wear, because they are like neutrals. Think about it: this season’s animal prints feature variations of browns, beiges, greys, and blacks.  

But wait, what about zebra prints? They’re not brown and beige – they’re black and white. Alas, although I am a lifelong lover of zebra prints, the zebra is just not popular this year. In fact, even when I see them, they look wrong somehow right now.

Right now, animal prints that have darker, neutral backgrounds are in. White and black zebra prints and orange and black tiger prints are not (sorry, El Paso High Tigers).

Here are a few tips on how to wear animal prints this fall and winter, along with a run-down of what’s hot and what’s not:

  • A little goes a long way.  It’s fantastic to have an animal print blouse, pants, scarf, and handbag in your closet.  Just don’t wear them all at once.  One at a time, please.
  • Done right, a pop of bright color, such as in a handbag, looks great with an animal print.
  • Do accessorize with animal prints: handbags, shoes, and scarves add some of the best touches.
Animal prints are all classics, but some seasons some are more popular than others.

Animal prints are all classics, but some seasons some are more popular than others.

Leopard Top Under a Fur Vest

Leopard Top Under a Fur Vest


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