Fall’s here – What’s in and what’s out

A mustard yellow top

Does anyone still care about the prohibition of white shoes after Labor Day? I’ve read online chatter claiming it’s nonsense. Some say you can wear white shoes all year long.

Well, I say there’s a reason that people like to change their attire seasonally and wear autumn tone colors in the fall.

Enjoying the change of seasons is a good thing. Even when temperature shifts aren’t dramatic, the sequence of seasons puts an order to a year, relieves the sameness of the months and makes for enjoyable change.

Throughout the ages, poets and romantics have eloquently spoken to the beauty of changing seasons. Seasons tie us to the world of nature, even for the most die-hard, indoor-living urban dwellers. Seasons carry us through our celebrations, traditions and even our moods.

So, yes, you certainly can wear white shoes any time you want. I’m all for eliminating rules. But if you want to be in sync with the natural order of things – children back to school, sunny vacations ending, football season starting – then you definitely want to transition your closet this week and change what you are wearing.

I don’t know why there’s such a dither over white shoes. I, for one, don’t own a pair. In my book, solid white shoes are for brides and nurses – and maybe the beach. While nude shoes are today’s neutral du jour, who can predict down the road?

White shoes may become a fashion must-have in years to come. Heaven only knows stranger things have happened in fashion.

I may not have white shoes to put away, but I do have some white garments and accessories that need to take a back seat until next Memorial Day. Here’s a rundown of what you can put away and what you should wear at this time of year. If you don’t have some of this season’s must-haves, start shopping, my friends!

Put in back of closet

• White shoes, if you own any

• White pants, white skirts, white dresses, white accessories

• Tropical prints, summery florals, beach motif fabrics

• Spaghetti-strap or halter-style maxi dresses

• Accessories and tops in pastels and summery brights

• All light-colored linen outfits

• Straw handbags

• Flip flops, except for gardening

For the front of closet

• White cotton shirts. The exception to the rule, along with your tennis whites, of course!

• Twinsets. A sweater and layering shell underneath is practical, polished and looks good whether paired with jeans or business attire.

• Jewel-toned scarf to transition sleeveless dresses in black or fall colors

• Maxi dresses in grey heather, dark plum or deep cobalt blue

• Gem-colored jeans – ruby, amethyst, sapphire

• Luxe, sophisticated, print silk blouses

• Accessories and tops in sapphire, wine, deep emerald, mustard yellow, inky blue, grape, deep teal and russet

While you are sorting through your closet and clearing out clothes to make room for this season’s top trends, you are sure to find things you no longer plan to wear.

Clothing in good condition can be donated to women who would love a nice outfit to wear to work or to job interviews.

Tres Mariposas continues to be a drop-off site for clothing, shoes and accessories to be delivered to the YWCA Women’s Transitional Living Center.

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