Fresh and fun: Trip Diary in Pictures

On a busman’s holiday: Shopping at Bergdorf Goodman and admiring their incredible Japanese Hanging Gardens display

Luxury Showroom: Escada makes a beautiful dress and it was a pleasure to visit their fabulous showroom.

As you know from my previous columns about market trips, a buying consultant previews all the lines, keeps abreast of trends, analyzes what is selling well in stores, and saves us a lot of time at market. For the last two decades, we have working with one of the premier New York buying consultants, a woman who came to totally understand what El Paso women liked to wear and who expertly shepherded our showroom buying.

Well, this consultant recently retired, so now we’re working with another highly recommended consultant.

Model at the Red Valentino Showroom: This line is for our feminine customers who love ribbons and ruffles.

Studying the style: Bobbie Baldridge and Monica Armendariz debate the merits of a dress at Escada

Our get-to-know-you trip was so fun! She wanted us to see some fabulous, fresh new lines from designers who were closing off their orders before our long-planned trip for the Coterie show a week later. The European designers she knew were particularly innovative and appealing. Their order deadlines were upon us so we had to work fast.

Throughout our exciting tour, the consultant kept watching how our lead buyer Bobby Baldridge, our longtime sales guru Monica Armendariz, and I reacted to each new line. She gauged our responses to quickly learn about our different customers, from sophisticated chic to free-spirited and stylish.

Watch our store’s inventory starting next fall as we bring in classics as well as introduce new designers to the border region!

Sneak Preveiw: Gorgeous dresses from Tadashi to try on at Tres Mariposas this fall

Writing an order: Nan Napier and Bobby Baldridge working hard to get every detail

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