It’s a crazy changing jewelry world in El Paso

It’s was big El Paso news, verging on the excitement level of gossip, when Lacy & Company announced their Going-Out-of-Business Sale in November.

Ellen and Charles Lacy built an amazing jewelry business that had taken care of El Pasoans for over two decades.  But retirement beckoned and they heeded the siren call.

Since then, El Paso jewelry retailers and customers have been atwitter about changes.  Customers immediately began asking us as Tres Mariposas, “What are we going to do?  It won’t be the same.”

Although national jewelry store operator Ben Bridge has taken Lacy’s space, I predict that not one jewelry store will replace them. Different stores are strong in different areas.

So here’s a quick update on how the retail jewelry landscape is changing.  It’s my job to keep you up with the gossip!

  • Ben Bridge Jeweler, 7040 N. Mesa St.  Ben Bridge is a well-known chain of jewelry stores. Their new El Paso store, which they are calling “Ben Bridge Jeweler, formerly Lacy & Co” is stocked with core Ben Bridge merchandise with the icing sprinkled on top by Ellen Lacy.
  • Deutsche & Deutsche Fine Jewelry and Watches, Fountains at Farah.  With stores in McAllen, Laredo and Houston, Deutsche & Deutsche is taking advantage of the changes in the El Paso market, and taking the leap to the new Fountains mall.  You may have already seen their teaser billboards.  Deutsche & Deutsche is especially known for watches.
  • J. Edwards Diamonds, 7430 N. Mesa St. and 1840 Joe Battle Blvd. These stores are known for their amazing bridal business. Gina Silverman of J. Edwards says they haven’t seen an impact from local changes.  Gina is remodeling the Westside store so watch for a glamorous update.
  • Jewel Gallery, 7134 N. Mesa. Linda Medrano has carved a niche specializing in estate jewelry.
  • Johnson Jewelers, 5860 N. Mesa St. and 1320 N. Zaragoza Rd.  El Pasoans know Randy Johnson from his ad campaigns, “I want to be your jeweler.”
  • Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry and Watches, 5857 N. Mesa St.  Susan is a brilliant master gemologist and artist.  She has created a special niche in helping clients with estate planning and appraisals.
  • Sheldon Jewelry, 5446 N. Mesa St.  One of the oldest businesses in our city, this store was founded in the old Sheldon Hotel in 1912. The well-loved Kligman family has owned the store for decades.
  • Tres Mariposas, 5857 N. Mesa St.  The fine jewelry segment of our business had already grown tremendously over the last five years.  We thought that with this change in the market, why not take our jewelry focus to the next level?  Former Lacy & Company employees Carmen Bagby and Flori Trudeau approached me about bringing their expertise and energy to Tres Mariposas – and I was thrilled.  We are now constructing a new Jewelry Boutique within Tres Mariposas to accommodate more fine jewelry lines with a fashion focus.

So there you have it: a look at El Paso’s jewelry landscape! A rising tide lifts all boats and all of us retailers can benefit from the exciting developments on the horizon.

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