Joys of owning a small business in El Paso

The exhibit

As many of you may know, Tres Mariposas is sponsoring “Designing Woman: Edith Head at Paramount,” now at the El Paso Museum of Art in conjunction with the Plaza Classic Film Festival.

We were happy to sponsor this colorful and educational exhibit of great movie costumes created by the award-winning designer because it was an opportunity to do something fun and fashion related.

The El Paso community has been so appreciative and quite a few people have told us how much they enjoyed the exhibit. Their appreciation has been extremely gratifying to us.

Besides having the chance to contribute to our community in this way, another fabulous benefit of owning a small business in El Paso is the opportunity to develop wonderful long-term relationships with customers.

One of those customers is Jan Foster, who is married to developer John Foster. I have joked with John many times that he is pretty doggone lucky to be married to Jan – someone so gracious and giving, so full of laughter. He agrees.

This week I learned something new about Jan. Not only does she have a big heart and a good sense of humor, she can also write poetry! I absolutely love this darling poem that I received from her.

If you also own or work at a small business, you know that having delightful customers like Jan Foster makes all the work worthwhile. This poem is getting the gold-frame treatment in my office soon!

Edith and Nan – both with a wise HEAD

One going strong – the other dead.

They share the interest of couture design.

One via costume, the other in “ready-to-wear” so fine!

Thank you, Nan, for bringing to our city to view

The decades of creations Edith drew.

Surely the attendance will deem a large count

Rewarding your efforts to the level of PARAMOUNT!


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