No texting for Mother’s Day The best and worst gifts for moms everywhere

Mother’s Day is next Sunday, that classic all-American holiday ever since President Woodrow Wilson made it official in 1914.

While it is now celebrated around the world, on various days in March, April and May, few countries celebrate it quite like we do.

The day reigns as one of the top days of the year for flower sales, gifts, greeting card sales, naturally, and churchgoing, as well as the top single day for long distance calls in the United States.

Did you catch that? Do not, I repeat, do not text your mom a “Happy Mother’s Day” message! Pick up the phone and join the long-distance marathon.

With all the festivities, you can’t help but wonder: Who classifies as a gift giver and who classifies as a gift recipient on this sacred day? For instance, if your mother is not alive, are you exempt from Mother’s Day? I would say, no. This is a holiday for thinking outside of the box and honoring whomever you would like with a thoughtful gift.

Depending on the nature of your relationship, Mother’s Day gifts are appropriate and even a must for your wife, your mother-in-law and the special aunt who treated you like her own child.

Send a gift to a dear friend whose son is stationed in Afghanistan to let her know you are thinking of her. Pick out something very special for that daughter-in-law who takes such care raising your darling grandchildren.

The potential for thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts has no limits, but the next question does. So what makes a great Mother’s Day gift? I discussed this with our staff at Tres Mariposas and we came up with a quick-review rundown of the good and the bad – and the ugly.

Don’t make the gift contingent on more work or another purchase. No one on our staff wanted to receive a flat of beautiful garden flowers – unless the giver was planning to plant them, too.

My mother, a person who adored her family and grandchildren, was, nevertheless, famous for what you could call “partial gifts.” When my daughter turned 16, my mom gave her a gorgeous Swarovski key chain with a note that said she hoped her mom (me) would buy her a car to go with it. Gee, thanks!

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers, grandmothers and all the special women we love for being nurturing and kind!

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