Printed pants: The Next Big Thing

Nan’s sister came to town and the first thing she did was buy printed pants!

Nan’s sister came to town and the first thing she did was buy printed pants!

















Women are continuing to wear slacks this season, but you’ll find nothing ho-hum or boring about the next big trend in pants. For spring and summer, it’s all about the print.

Printed pants are fun, playful, and a great change of pace from those everyday black pants. Today’s popular prints range from dots and animal prints to florals and graphic patterns.

Print pants are one of those trends that can look fantastically chic. Or, when the look is not executed well, they can be a “Fashion Don’t.”

A few tips for wearing printed pants:

  • Wide-leg print pants in flowy fabrics are wonderful for social occasions. Just be sure you don’t wear them too short. This pant needs to fall below the ankle, not above.
  • Big floral or graphic patterns can be beautiful on wide, palazzo style pants. However, on more tailored pants or jeans, choose small- or medium-sized prints.
  • Keep the rest of the outfit simple. Pair print pants with a beautiful sold soft silky shirt in a neutral shade. Likewise, don’t choose an overly patterned handbag or distracting jewelry. Let the print of the pants be the star.
  • You’ll see prints against all hues of backgrounds. A rule of thumb here is that a dark background for print pants will be more slimming.

I was glad to have my sister from Amarillo in town last week. As usual, she wanted to come into Tres Mariposas to look around. She went right for the printed pants and looked great in a variety of graphics.

The next time you’re shopping, give print pants a try. You might be surprised what an impact they can make on your spring-time look!

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