Stripes: Around and around we go!


“Never, ever wear horizontal stripes.” Have you ever heard that old fashion mandate? “Stripes going around your body make you look fat.” Huh?

Well, guess what: not only has that style myth been disproven scientifically, it’s also contrary to one of the hottest trends around right now. We’re seeing horizontal stripes everywhere, and on all sizes of women.

If you want scientific proof, a few years ago, a psychology prof at the University of York in England and an expert in perceptions, published a whole paper on the stripe phenomenon in a scientific journal that studied “biological vision.”

He analyzed how experimental subjects perceived women of the same sizes wearing vertical and horizontal stripes. It turns out that women wearing horizontal stripes appeared thinner, not heavier. It was the vertical lines that added visual pounds. And in fact, horizontal stripes help women appear taller, as well. Interesting!

In all my long and glorious career in fashion, women would never wear horizontal stripes.  Thank goodness that over the last couple of years, stripes have been so fashionable that women have been willing to break that rule – and finding that horizontal stripes can be not only fun, but also flattering.

From fashion show runways and city streets to offices and schools, horizontal stripes continue to be a major fashion trend for 2013 for women of all ages and shapes. Black and white stripes, multi-colored stripes, variations of stripe directions in one dress: you’ll see some great pieces in stores right now to tempt you to give stripes a chance.

Try a top, a dress, or even just an accessory, like the Kate Spade purse shown here. Just in case you are still hesitant to break that old horizontal stripe rule, here are some great photos of outfits to prove the point!





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