What’s in, what’s out for spring

Sheath dresses

If I had to pick one thing I have learned over the years in our store, in my travels around the country and the world, and in many conversations with other women’s apparel retailers, most women share one strong preference when shopping.

Most women love staying fashionable and current. Whether they verbalize it or not, most women truly enjoy the “newness” of the latest styles.

When a woman is wearing a new outfit that is on trend and stylish, she just plain feels great. She invariably looks more confident and more comfortable, knowing that she is wearing the right thing for that season’s fashion. Many women hate to be caught wearing something that is clearly out of style!

It doesn’t take too much time or too much money to stay stylish – if you know what you’re looking for.

Here’s a list you can cut out and keep as a reference when you shop, so you can lean into the most current fashion this spring.

You can also use this list for what’s “out” to clear out the outdated looks from your closet.

None of these looks that are “in” are too avant-garde or un-wearable for a variety of figures. All are easy to find in El Paso stores.

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